The Brasshouse: two floors of fun

*********************************** HAVE FUN DURING YOUR VISIT ***********************************

It's not all about the late night and DJ tunes here at The Brasshouse. There is loads to do during your visit, so make sure you make the best of your experience.

  • Why not come along with your mates and challenge each other on one of the two pool tables. If you are a gamer when you are out and about, then the Brasshouse is the place for you in Dunfermline Town Centre.
  • We also have a very popular boxing machine, situated on the top floor. Can you beat your pals or even challenge the top score???
  • If you are looking to relax and catch up with friends and family, thats no issue at all. There is loads of space where you can settle down for a good old chat on our comfy leather booths, and over the drink of your choice.